Last week in news channel, it was shown that nasa ppl came back as aliens gave them warning to go on earth..n so thier project of nasa got shut..

aliens do exist which was for sure bcos in huge universe, we dont know how much galaxies are present..this really fascinated me and so my sis.v visited where the person rael have met alien personally in the year of 1973 and 1975 he had a trip on thier planet!! i downloaded the e-book- message from designers- ie. aliens..rael have also created raelism religion who beleives in this religion..and it is said that who hv joined they will go to ELOHIM planet that is alien planet and in our words heaven. Rael claims that he have seen Jesus christ! and Buddha too on that planet..( PN:-buddha n jesus christ body were not found after their death)..aliens have stored their cell of jesus buddha mohammed allah bcos they can create clone of them exactly and they claims that v r made by the aliens with the cell technology...the e-book was speechless as they described the heaven and whole thing logically..

as per my thinking (may be weird bt logical)...we are now on the way to make robots which will be almost like human..also they can marry normal human beings and hv also fuctions,emotions,love,care ethg.. when v can make such robots, v must be created by someone like aliens claiming..

In every religion, let it be BIBLE or my religion sacred book GEETA, all is narrated the same way that how is heaven and the same description which rael experienced.but only thing was that i thout god can do nething by some words or action and here rael experienced whole automed systems with robots who are like same humans..