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Thread: I want a camera for Christmas

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    I want a camera for Christmas

    I really want to start taking pictures again, it's something I haven't really done since my injury. I have played around w/ a friends and most pics ended up w/ fingers in them!I'm going to start fooling around w/ some different types to see which one I think will be best.My question is directed mainly @ quads.. which one(s) have you found to be best for our hands-easiest to use?Durable too.


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    I don't have one, but when I was looking for one a year or so ago there was an Olympus one that had a plug-in extension strap with a button on the end of it... or it was a remote button... I thought that was a good idea for a quad... my gf has a digital cam and when I take pics with it my biggest challenge is holding it (no fingers in the shot) and then steading it... my thought is with a remote you could hold it in your mouth and poke the button with your tongue, lips, or mouth thus avoiding having to fumble with hitting the on camera button which for me usually cause me to shake the camera a bit

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    Wow, Rjc- I haven't seen that one yet!That would be great to have a remote. I'm going to ask around for that-it would definately be a worthwile investment imo. Thanx!

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    This has been discussed a lot in the past. If you search for "quad and camera" you will tons of information! I am a para, and bought a new camera last year. WHile I don't have the finger dexterity issues, I fould them helpful for me as well in chosing one. The big suggestions for quads were to get a remote for the shutter, and some sort of tripod/mount.

    Here is 2 that are fairly recent. But older ones will be helpful for tips, even though specific models may be obsolete.
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    Thanks sjean-usually I do a search first, forgot this time I guess!

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    No prob, I just remembered that there was a lot of info floating around las year when I was looking. You will probably finsd over a dozen threads.
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    i just bought a nikon coolpix L12, cause i need all the toyz.
    polaroid i830 was my next choice but nikon has more goodies. done took back "5" camera's to walmart, he,he. "GOTTA LUV EM".

    i'll learn to make these paws/thumbs work just about anything.

    i think, jeff's idea with the tripod is a must for us quads. gives ya more to hang on to. NEXT ON MY LIST...........

    O YEA.........$129.00 at wally.

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    I can't wait to see ya pics.
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