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Thread: Help.. my ms ie explorer gets errors

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    Help.. my ms ie explorer gets errors

    i get the dns errors and iframe.dll plus res] errors.....waits patiently..[not]



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    i did 3 times

    i still get the same ieiframe.dll errors/dns errors plus a [res] something

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    Can you re-install your OS? Save any personal files on a DVD-R, then completely revamp your PC.

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    i've considered it but feel strong its just a minor glitch which im not up to date on tech wise...

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    Does your PC have the BigFix or do you have Vista (which has a problem corrections feature)?

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    xp home edition... part of the error msg...[res://ieframe.dll/dnserror.htm#]

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    Hopefully, someone else can help you.

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    yay! i went to control panel and uninstalled all ms kb updated plus ie7....rebooted and voila!

    --fast ty bud

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    Oh! I did that when I had problems with my Flash Player. I had no idea that would've fixed that type of problem. Good of you to fix it.

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