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Thread: Strange pressure sore/ rash! Please advise.

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    Strange pressure sore/ rash! Please advise.

    About a week ago my PCA saw what appeared like a 2 inch "L" shape bright red pressure sore above my tailbone area. I stayed in bed & off of the sore area, and after two days approx. 18 tiny blisters formed on the area. They looked like tiny puss-filled pimples or pustules. So I'm like WTF! I've never heard of anything like this. After a couple more days they dried up and went away.

    Well a day later a new red spot shows up a few inches above the old one, this one the size of a tennis ball. Two smaller areas formed higher on my back and have since gone away. Currently, the tennis ball area is similarly covered with scores of the tiny pimple-like blisters! I don't think these were pressure areas, but maybe they could have been while I was in the bed. Since I can't personally see the area, it sounds like the little blisters are similar to ones you would get with a bad sunburn. When the area intially formed it was noticably warm to the touch.

    The closest thing I can find in my search on this site is "cellulitis," which is basically infection of the skin. I see nowhere that cellulitis causes these little "pustules." Furthermore, my PCA said the area doesn't look like the cellulitis pictures we found on the internet.

    I mentioned the symptoms to my physiologist, but did not show him b/c it hadn't progressed very far at the time. He said it sounded a little like "chiggers."

    Well, I have an appointment w/ a dermatologist on Tuesday, but am wondering if immediate attention is necessary. I concluded that visiting the ER would get me nowhere since the docs there would have little knowledge of such a specific skin condition. Should I demand to see a certain type of specialist on Monday, or is it okay to wait? Other than the skin irritation, I do not recognize any other physical or mental changes/ symptoms.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Is the area blanching?

    Could it be a heat rash?

    I would stay off it anyway until you see someone for it, and keep the area dry, if you suffer incontinence.

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    Maybe a type of herpes, like shingles? Until you are seen by the dermatologist you should maybe be very careful of any drainage from the "blisters", especially not to get into eye area. This is a viral infection but there are meds that can be prescribed to help control outbreaks.

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    It could be numerous things. I don't think chiggers have pustules and neither does heat rash. But, it could have started as that & if they get an infection might get the pustules. Some ant bites have pustules.anything can become infected and might develop in to impetigo, or staph infection since Staph is coommonly found on your skin.
    Cellulitis has a reddened area around.Could be yeast if areas was wet.
    Need to see if the infections is deep or just on the surface of the skin. Sounds like you need an antibiotic or at least an antibiotics cream or both depending on what it is.

    Look at www. They have pictures and information about skin conditions.

    You might try the triple antibiotics ointment found over the counter in the meantime.


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    Thanks everyone! The closest diagnosis I've found according to internet searches is shingles. Any other recommendations on how to care for these til monday?

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    You may need an antiviral drug if it is shingles. Stay away from anyone who has never had chicken pox or chicken pox vaccinations. It is the same bacteria, and they can catch it from you. Get to your doctor right away on Monday. Just keep the area covered with a dry sterile dressing and don't use any ointments, etc. on it for now.


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    Don't break the blisters if possible, don't scratch and wash all linens/clothes that come in contact in hot, soapy water. Pca's should wear gloves and avoid any discharge from blisters. Don't pick at scabs that may form from blisters. Good handwashing. Please let us know what the doctor says! Shingles can be quite painful, so I would watch for any AD.

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    I think that a Dermatologist is the right move. I agree with lilsister
    It kinda sounds like shingles to me also...which can be harmful and contagious to people who have never had chicken pox. Any pain felt? Good luck w/ the Doctor.

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    Yes, I agree with the previous recommendations. Good handwashing is critical regardless of what is causing the rash.

    Make sure you get to the doctor ASAP because the quicker you know the cause and begin treatment, the quicker the rash will be gone.
    You will be saving yourself from possible complications and others from contracting it, if it is contagious.


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