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Thread: what makes you happy?

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    So many things

    my girls

    my man (who is at the VA in Seatlle for 3 wks & I'm going loopy w/o him)

    our 3 crazy dogs Brodie, Turk, & Bentley

    the garden

    going to sleep at night knowing I did the best I could that day

    OH, and the sale racks at Macys much to Jeremy's dismay
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    my kids
    For every minute you're angry you lose a second of happiness

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    A woman to love.......

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    A day without a lot of pain.

    My daughter.

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    Laura working out and Topanga
    Be yourself!!!
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    what makes you happy?
    nothing, i have no reason to be happy..

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    Fresh Roasted Java

    Fresh quality coffee. From my own roasting efforts. I'm just getting ready to roast up another batch of KenyaAA.

    Edit: The Kenya AA I roasted before noon yesterday that I'm now giving a few days "outgassing" time before brewing my first cup from it. I could make a very nice cup from it this morning but this particular coffee only really comes into its own after a few days rest post roast and I've got an ample Yemen Mokha double batch I roasted within the past two weeks to brew up while waiting on the Kenya.
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    Our fuzzy faced kids
    Flea Markets
    Crab Alfredo from Red Lobster
    Good books

    Heck, there's seven and I could go on - that, in itself, makes me happy

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    Van Damn, She is absolutely adorable!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen
    Van Damn, She is absolutely adorable!!!
    And getting bigger too. When is her birthday?

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