My brother Luke had fractured his T3 and T4 vertibrae but thankfully did not damage the spinal cord. Because he is only 18 he was prescribed 8 weeks bed rest in the hospital layed flat on his back. The pillow for his head was about 5 inches thick and had very little compression in it. He spent 8 weeks with his head supported at roughly 35* from horizontal, I wish I noticed this earlier but I put trust into the hospital staff and their valuable experience.
Now he has sat up and there is a noticable curve/bend from the fracture location, which in turn affects his neck and head. X-Rays show there is a 'kink' at the fracture location which I fear was caused by improper support of his head during bed rest causing the bone to heal this way. Is there anything he can do in these early stages of recovery to help or will he have to just live with it possibly suffering complications in later life?
Any help would be much appreciated