Non-invasive Spinal Decompression Now Available In The San Gabriel Valley

The first franchise of Spinal Aid Centers of America has opened in Temple City, CA. Dr. William Wong D.C. and Dr. Ken Sison D.C. are now providing this treatment to patients who suffer from severe and chronic back pain.

Source: APEX Spinal Aid of America

(PRLog.Org) – Nov 15, 2007 – TEMPLE CITY, CA– The town of Temple City recently became home to the first Spinal Aid Center in San Gabriel Valley.
The Spinal Aid Center offers a relatively new technology called non-surgical spinal decompression, a treatment that offers new hope to sufferers of severe, chronic back pain.
Dr. William Wong, D.C., of the APEX Spinal Aid Center, says he added the scientific discovery to his facility to offer the breakthrough option for his patients with chronic back pain who were convinced that pills and surgery were they’re only option to relieve pain.
Gary Claxton, Vice President of the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation, which monitors health care spending says, “The rising costs and the growth in the number of back surgeries is a good example of why healthcare expenditures are more than double inflation”. Dr. Doug Burton, surgeon and senior spine research professor at the University of Kansas Medical Center says, “there is a major shift to Spinal- fusion procedures that use expensive mechanical devices to help fuse diseased vertebra together” however, Dr. Burton added, “it’s an uncertain outcome”. Further stated that these procedures are “expensive and has not resulted in significantly better outcomes” and he limits the procedure himself.