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    Feeding Tube friend has been on a feeding tube for 5 years, the people at the home say he cannot swallow. He tells me he can, and has shown me that he can. I help him with his teeth and when he swishes with water, he shows me, he can swallow some.

    This is something that can be relearned, correct?

    What would be the implications of giving him some milkshake or something if he does swallow it. Could it hurt his stomach since he gets fed through that tube? Is the danger aspiration?

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    Tell him to request another swallow evaluation, this is usually done by speech therapist or ENT doctor and may involve a Barrium swallow x-ray or closely monitored testing on an outpatient basis. Thick liquids are actually easier to swallow and control than thinner liquids. He should be monitored and tested due to the danger of aspiration and possible result of pneumonia, til safety is ensured.

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    He is in a nursing home and he has told them he can swallow but they won't listen. He hasn't been evaluated for anything in years unfortunately.

    My question is this: He wants me to feed him some milkshake, I KNOW he can swallow, I have seen him many times. Are there any other concerns besides aspiration?

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    Quote Originally Posted by I Care
    Are there any other concerns besides aspiration?
    Unsure of any other health concerns, but providing him assistance without being designated as his caregiver, I worry that you might be setting yourself up for negligence if something unfortunate were to happen while you're assisting him. However, I think you are very caring person and applaud your efforts in assisting him in the nursing home. Best wishes to you and him.


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    I would never want to do anything to hurt him, I care very much about him and his quality of life...which is basically shit right now. He asks me for things, such as some milkshake, he isn't in prison, it is still his body, his life. Although they treat him like it isn't and that he has no say in what happens to him. He is kept alive like a lump of flesh and that is all.

    Seems a caregiver would be more likely to be proven negligent, I'm just a friend. I would think I could get kicked out of the nursing home for not following their rules, that concerns me. Leaving him now that we have established this relationship would hurt him so badly, I don't think I want to take that risk.

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    situation your in , could have been me there. like lilsister wrote , the only way to know is the swallow test. i couldn't eat anything for about 2 1/2 months. i finally passed for eating. then about 2 or 3 weeks later i passed for water. glass of water never tasted so good. so there are 2 tests for swallowing. i hope he gets chance to try.
    oh well

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    Poor guy....his mouth gets so water, not one taste of food for 5 years. Hopefully the Ombudsman will make sure he is evaluated for everything soon, he needs surgery for his foot, he has a contracture, his foot is completely turned in toward his body.

    Like I said....they keep him alive, period. If they evaluate him and see he can swallow, that means the aides will have to feed him him and I am sure it would be time consuming, now they just hook him up to the slop machine at night, no muss no fuss.

    ....and change his diaper in the morning...what a wonderful life

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    Your friend could die as a result of aspirating anything. I know that you are concerned about his quality of life, but no life is a concern.

    there is a simple test that can be done before the barium swallow that lets you know if there is a chance. It's the blue die test- they color some food like applesauce and give the person a bite or two. If they swallow it correctly then it shouldn't e able to be suctioned up. If he doesn't, then it will turn up in the suctioned material. The only definitive test is the barium swallow.

    Your friend is lucky to have you. Advocate for him as much as you can. Maybe someone will start listening.

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    i feel so sorry for the poor guy ...i remember my feeding tube ...[i care] are a brave lady ...tell your friend to never give up ...he and you have my simphaty.good luck and god bless.
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    adi, how long did you have that tube? What did they do to get you off of it and back to eating?

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