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Thread: What kind of rehab for c4,c5 complete???

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    What kind of rehab for c4,c5 complete???

    Hello, this is my first post. Ive just been hanging around reading posts for a while. One of my good friends was injured 4 months ago after falling put of a parked truck and landing on his head. He doesnt really have any family to help him so my husband and I are doing as much as we possibly can.
    I was just wondering what kind of rehab is done with this level of injury. As of now all they do is stretch him, and that is now causing him more pain in his neck. He has movement from his shoulders up.
    I would also like to know what kind of phone is the best to buy for him, it would need to be totally hands free. I have tried finding a phone, but I can only find them online for about $300-500, so if we are going to pay that price I want to make sure I get the most user friendly and reliable one.
    I am also going to purchase a computer and software for him. Please give me links or stores to go to. I feel like Im going in circles trying to find all this stuff, and we are not getting any help from the hospital... Sorry for the rambling.. Any help would be greatly appreciated..


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    do u mean a cell phone or a house phone? my boyfriend is a c-5 complete, so for the house phone he uses a bluetooth attachment or a piece that plugs into the phone and it runs over his head and to his mouth , it makes me think of a telephone operator. i hope this helps and if u have any other ?'s i will be glad to try and help u.

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    I am pretty sure that SCI nurse will write you, but I hope that he is in a SCI rehab facility that knows what they are doing. If you let us know roughly where you are we can make some recommendations for knowledgeable hospitals in your area. It is still only four months since his injury, so I think he will eventually get some movement back in his arms. Are they getting him out of bed or just doing stretching activities while he is still in bed?

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    Ameriphone RC-200 ws the one we got and liked it very much. IT is voice activated and also has a remote for both hand and head.

    Some states have organizations that will provide these free of charge. In California it is called CTAP. Don't know where you are, but you might try looking into that.

    OT dept in rehab should be helpful at finding these kinds of things, but I found the phone program without them, notified them of it and now they provide the info to new patients.

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    We need more information.

    Is your friend's injury complete or incomplete? What is the ASIA category?

    Where is he? Is he still in rehab, or at home? If in rehab, is it a SCI-specialty center? If not, can you get him to one? A good program should have plenty of information on this.

    What state does he live in?

    What type of insurance does he have?

    Does he have a vocational rehab plan? Often DOR/DVR will pay for some of this equipment, and in many states there are telephone programs that provide such equipment.

    A good environmental control unit (ECU) can combine phone and other functions. Have you explored this?

    Have you asked these questions of his OT and other rehab team members?


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    We are located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.
    * I had thought the blue tooth would work, I just wasnt sure becasue I thought you have to tap the ear piece to answer. I would like both a cell and home phone for him.
    * He is a C4, C5 complete. He is graded A on ASIA scale.
    *He is in a rehab hospital called The Glenrose rehabilitation hospital here in Edmonton.
    * I have asked the nurses about a phone and where could I buy one, they did not know of a place. They said they had some old ones at the hospital and would try to get one to him. That was a over a month ago.
    *They take him out of his bed and down to the rehab area to stretch him. He was hoping to do more rehab & exercise like the electric bike, but I guess that will come with time.

    If anyone knows of a better place in the area, we would do anything to get him there. He is currently on a wait list for therapy at the University of Alberta hospital. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank You.


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    The OT (occupational therapist), not the nurses is who you should be discussing this with.


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