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Thread: Experiences with the DMV

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    Experiences with the DMV

    My husband does not want to go through drivers eval because he does not want to get caught up in the DMV beaurocracy. I don't really understand his position, but I thought that I would ask the question here.

    For those of you who have gone through drivers eval, especially in California.

    1. Can you share what the experience has been like for you?

    2. Was your driver's license revoked as a part of the process?

    3. Are you subjected to more frequent driver's test?

    4. Can you still renew your license by mail?

    5. How often do you have to renew your license?

    I am not sure why he is so resistant to the idea, but I would appreciate getting real experience that I could share with him.

    I have contacted the VA drivers training for info. They told me that his license will be revoked. Appreciate your comments.

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    is he using that as an excuse? or is he like me and just not ready?

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    He is post sci 4 years and has been driving for almost 3 years with no specialized controls. He has had 3 accidents, the last one resulting in injuries and was a very close call. He has decided not to drive anymore.

    I am hoping that evaluation and aids would allow him to continue driving and more safely.

    It is possible that he was traumatized by the last accident and that is part of it, but he resisted drivers training while in inpatient rehab because of his concerns of the dmv beaurocracy.

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    oh, sorry to hear this hopefully some one out here can give some advice

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    Not bad

    I started driving about a year after my accident. I had hand controls installed by VESID (state funded) and started driving. I haven't had any accidents yet and I have been driving for 9 years with hand controls. I work 40 hours a week, so I have to drive everyday.
    It sounds like your husband doesn't have hand controls, if he doesn't you should start there because I'm sure it will reduce his accidents and make him feel better about driving. You know driving is A LOT more fun when you have complete control..LOL.. I use SureGrid hand controls and I think they are the best. I also drive a Ford T-bird which is a 2 door and it makes it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. Especially putting the chair in the backseat.
    Here are my answers to your questions.

    1. Can you share what the experience has been like for you? I think I covered this already.

    2. Was your driver's license revoked as a part of the process? Are you asking if my licence was revoked because I'm a Paraplegia or not passing the driver's test for hand controls. (the test is really to easy )

    3. Are you subjected to more frequent driver's test? No..

    4. Can you still renew your license by mail? Yes.... No different then anyone else.

    5. How often do you have to renew your license? Just as often as everyone else. I think it's every 4 years.

    Hope this helps and good luck!!!

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    I'm in Texas but same as Daniel above.

    My license had expired while I was rehabbing, so I had to get it renewed anyway. In Texas you can renew by mail every other time(4 years each), of course I had renewed by mail last time. Arrgh. I tried to just go in and get it renewed, they said since you now need adaptive eqmt that I would need to come in and take a driving test.

    I came back for the test and I wound up taking a 45 minute driving test. She had me drive on neighborhood, then city, then highway streets to make sure I was ready for the road. No parking or anything like that, it was really a breeze.

    I got my license and it is now every 4 years like anyone else(every other time by mail), just has restrictions of automatic transmission and adaptive equipment. I don't see how he could get caught up in any extra bureaucracy, unless he failed the test and wound up having to retake it.
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    I am mid-process right now getting trained for hand controls, but I still have my liscense. I actually renewed it last year. It was never revoked. I DO have to be tested before they can install the hand controls. Then I will have it on my liscense that I can only drive w/ h/c. Kinda like if you need glasses to drive. Other than that, no changes re time/testing etc. Done deal.
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    Thanks to all of you who have replied. So far, it seems only paras are replying to my thread. Not that I don't appreciate your input, but my husbands injury is C3/4 inc. so his hands are also affected. Can any of the quads out there please also share their experiences and thanks in advance.

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    I am a c5-c6 complete injured in 1979 since then I have had 85% + return my hands are primarly all that is effected at present my wife has CP and never drove until 3 years ago she was 36. We had hand controles installed in her car and I taught her how to use them I was very suprised at how easy they are to use she was very anxious but we worked through it and she obtained her license the tests are the same as any other persons.

    His licsense may likely be revolked and a new one issued with hand control restrictions. He may be apperhensive so see if hewould like to sample the different kinds they have out there. Good luck

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    I was only 17 when I had my accident, so I didn't have license prior to it, but I did go through the evaluation when I went for my license as a disabled driver. It was a piece of cake. They asked no more from me than they would have from an AB driver, meaning prove to them that I could steer, brake at appropriate times, and back up in a straight line for 100 yards. This was with hand controls. I review my license by mail, no problem. I actually think your husbands fears are groundless. If he doesn't want to drive (for whatever reason) that is one thing, but the Registry is pretty advanced when it comes to this sort of thing. They do not check me, ever, since getting my license decades ago, or at least not beyond the standard eye test every ten years.

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