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    I have been taking fibercon twice a day to help me with rectal incontinence. (I have had surgery to no avail). Fibercon seems to help. Recently I started taking Fibercon 3 times a day because I was still having accidents. It was really helping, but after just a few days on the 3-times a day routine, I have been itching like crazy. I read that this can be a side effect.

    Can you recommend any other therapy for this?

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    Isn't Fibercon a fiber therapy intended to help you go more easily? I'm just about positive it is. If so, you definately shouldn't be taking it to prevent accidents-it's more likely to cause one.

    I'd quit taking them. If you maintain a healthy diet w/ lots of fresh veggies, fruits and drink lots of water, you should not need the fiber supplements unless your body requires extra help.

    In your case, I would bet if you stopped the Fibercon you could get back on a healthier, safer program.

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    Actually, Fibercon is a bulk builder.

    I took fiberchoice, not sure if changing the brand might help.

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    If you are having an adverse reaction (itching) you should stop the product and see if there is another similar product that doesn't cause the problem.

    Fiber does help you with bulk but also can cause you to have accidents. It seems like you had reached the first, but see what else you could use that has different ingredients. If you can ahieve it without supplements that is the ideal!

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