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Thread: breakup

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    Me and dave split up. We were together for 2 years. It was not working out between us. What I am finding hard is explaining to my daughter because she grew close to him. My son understands but how to tell my daughter i am still trying to figure out. anty

    Trying to change my name on here. Want to go back to just anty
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    Oh Anty honey I'm sorry. I know you were crazy about him, honestly it kind of made me nervous because nobody is 100% perfect. Any chance things will work out in the long run? You know what they say, for every pot there's a lid. I hate that yours didn't fit though. I hope you don't feel sad. This is a bullshit birthday present for you!

    Your daughter will be ok, I promise. She may be confused at first but as long as she has you, she's golden.

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    Sorry to hear this Anty.Things will workout for you.Your daughter will be fine.Just hang in there.Sorry you are going through this.
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    Anty, so sorry to're in my thoughts and prayers...


    Been there, done HURTS.

    take care and God bless...


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    So sorry to hear this Anty. It is def. his loss.

    You can still post under ''anty''.

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    Sorry to hear this Anty, breakups after LTR's can be very hard and sad. Try to look ahead to the future and think about all the good things in your life, dont let it stress you out too much, these kinds of things can take years off your life if you let em. Be tough and hang in there.
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    I luv ya Ante and sending hugs your way. I hate to hear this.... Hopefully the kids will understand in time. If you need a shoulder, you know my phone number.
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    I am sorry for your pain. I could not be perfect so I did the best I could. I am the break up King. I never got a clue?

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    Poor Anty. Although I don't know you or your situation completely, my heart truley goes out to you. Just know that you have friends from all over the world here to listen and that care.As for your daughter, she will understand and adjust. It will be much more important to her to see you happy.

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    I'm sorry Anty.
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