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Thread: Newbie here!

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    Be always determined in Life and Love

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    Welcome. We can always use more girls. Oh yeah!

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    welcome to cc jesiegirl.
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    Hello and welcome to Wise's wonderful world!

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    Hi Jersey Girl ... welcome to CareCure.

    I assume you are able to ambulate but as an incomplete have bowel and bladder troubles? I can't imagine having a C and T injury at the same time!
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    run jersey, run away while you still can!

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    Thanks all for the warm welcome! Everyone is so nice!
    To answer one of the questions posted to me, the T12 & L1 sci left me with alot of nerve damage. I was able to recover some function (I can walk on a cane and AFO braces on both ankles that I hid under socks!), but of course alot is missing. The only muscles in my legs working are my quads, and inner thigh muscles. Everything else is shot. My C3-C4 injury damage was corrected once they were able to get me into surgery. The night they brought me in, I was in pretty bad shape and they could only work on my T12-L1 and my leg at the time. I was in traction for about 2 weeks after that. By the time I regained consciencesness, I was paralyzed from the neck down, but the hypersensitivity had started to kick in. Let me tell ya guys....not something I would wish on my worst enemy!! Even though I've had these to injuries for almost 20 years, I've just recently started to reach out to others who are in similar situations. I guess you could call it a bit of denial? I'm learning really fast that it's great having others I can talk to!
    Oh, to answer the question about the bladder/bowel function....I was able to regain most of my function. Not the same as before, but I'm able to avoid the cathing, etc. My urologist diagnosed me with a Nuerogenic bladder, which I take a pill for. It works great, and as long as I pay attention, I have no problems!

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