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Thread: Want to give away external caths.

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    Want to give away external caths.

    My son is not using texas cath any more at night. we had a hard time ordering and finding right type so we ordered alot and don't need them any more. Can any one use them? I hate to throw them out if someone could use them. I don't want any money. They are self adhesive Hollister brand size medium (29mm). I think there are about fifty of them. It took us so long to locate and find a product that worked, it bothers me to throw them out. Any takers?

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    That's exactly the type of catheter I use. I can take them off your hands.

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    Uncle Peter,
    Great! I'll mail them to you. Nancy

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    Thank you,

    How is your son doing wth the self-cathing?

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    HI UP, funny you should ask son just had his 2nd UTI in 2months. I think it is because he has cut down on his cathing. He is only cathing 1x/day. this was his decision, he feels as though the residuals are less than 100cc. He went from not minding the cathing to hating it. He's 16. It is almost fifteen months after his SCI. His compliance and his motivation in PT seem to be our latest challenges. Brian had a nontraumatic spinal cord injury, sort of a stroke of the spine. Went to bed one night fine, woke up in pain and within three hours was paralyzed from T5/T6 down. He is walking and continues to make improvment so we have been very lucky in that way. sensation, bladder bowel still are struggles. Physically he can cath, emotionally he's done. I just have to get a box for the caths and I will send them off. Hope all is well with you. Nancy

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