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    Start up

    I use windows XP professional. When I turn my computer on I do not know how to control the programs that activate. On top of that I managed to make some areas of my computer inaccessible while I was trying to figure out how to control the programs that activate when I turn on my computer.

    One more detail that may or may not be relevant. The computer I am using here at the nursing home was taken from my law office where it was part of a large network and connected to a server. The area that is inaccessible to me are files that were kept on my computer as well as the server and synchronized daily. I desperately need those files.

    Thank you for any help!

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    K the first parts easy....

    Click Start -> Run Then type msconfig. That'll bring up the config file. Click the startup tab, and thats everything that starts when your comp starts.

    You're second is a bit different/harder. Make sure you are logged in with the right user/pass.
    Can you see them? Check the permissons on it, and make sure you have read/write permisson.

    I've never used syncro so, not sure if/have that'll effect them.

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    You might also want to go to the Start, Programs, startup category, and delete any items that you don't want to start when you boot up

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    a good, free startup manager program is this ->

    startup optimizer. i keep it on my comp. just in case you're unsure of a program, it tells if it's needed, optional etc.

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