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Thread: Isis' first Metal show \m/

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    Thumbs up Isis' first Metal show \m/

    this is kinda corny but it's a special thing for Isis' mom and I.
    Yesterday we took her to her first metal show to see a band she adores.
    It was the first annual El Paso Loco Fest with 20 crappy local bands,
    overpriced horrible food, and 2 awesome bands headlining out of 3 headlining bands. BloodSimple, HellYeah, and Isis' all time favorite OTEP!!!
    Isis was ecstatic when Otep came out and played all her faves, and her current fave, Otep's cover of Nirvana's "Breed". By the time Hellyeah came out Isis was pooped, so we went up to the bleachers and she fell asleep on my lap.
    Isis saw the mosh pit and wanted to go jump in, because she saw other girls in the pit too.
    All in all it was great despite the soreness the next day from carrying her on my neck and in my arms. Certainly worth it to have my baby see her first metal show
    This is a pic from the show tho its kinda dark

    post script: she's throwing metal horns... not throwin the bird haha :P

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    She is growing up so fast.... glad yall had a great time. My daughter and I love concerts. Its one of the things we can "do together". However she likes country music...she is a redneck! LOL

    Hope you get to enjoy many more together
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    I think the closest Isis will come to 'redneck' is Hellyeah i was really proud of her. she went to the ladies room and took a while. i was getting really worried since she took atleast 20 minutes in there. when she came out she told me that the door didnt open so she layed on the floor and rolled out. I thought that was great... i know that at 5 years old if the bathroom stall door didn't open at some strange loud place and mommy and daddy weren't there i'dve been crying like crazy. Apparently Isis found a way out tho

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    Wow, she's gonna be a knock-out!

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    OTEP! She's hardcore. I'm glad she had a good time. And I'm sure she'll be ready for many more concerts now!

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