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Thread: Rat, The Other White Meat?

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    Wink Rat, The Other White Meat?

    Rat, The Other White Meat?
    When I sat down at the kitchen table this morning there before me was a pan of freshly caught rats complete with all their furry coats and long tails inviting a repulsive gesture on my part. It all took place in the small village of Bangta-ngai in Banphot Phisai in the province of Nakhon Sawan central Thailand, where I live with my wife Na, and the three children Dow, Dune and Gada. Coming from San Francisco and having been weaned on Western European cuisine, with a good bit of the mixed cultural cuisine called California cuisine, I was very unprepared on how to react to these rats on the table directly in front of me. But there they were, big brown furry rats just lying

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    Isn't this where someone always says "but really, it tastes just like chicken!"

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    How much are they going for per pound?...

    Gee whiz...I should be rasing rats instead of the mice I've been raising... Anyone have a cookbook on how to prepare rats?...if not, maybe I could write one in my free get on Hell's Kitchen and serve it to Ransey(?)...

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    This just gives me the eeby-jeebies.

    Stay safe my son. See you around thanksgiving!

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