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Thread: The Dominant Hemisphere

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    The Dominant Hemisphere

    It has been said that in right handed individual ,it is the left brain that is dominant...
    in left handed individual 50% rt.brain and in 50% cases left brain is said to be dominant...

    in some part of the world,especially in india..(rural areas)..even a child showing left hand dominant tendency are forced to write with the right hand..AS LEFT HANDEDNESS IS CONSIDERED TO BE A BAD OMEN(''SHEER IGNORANCE AND FOOLISHNES)

    So coming to my question...proper
    1.How can you asess the dominance of a person in hemisphere?what are the tests?
    2.why majority individuals are right handed? it the LEFT BRAIN that is related to mathematical skills etc OR TO BE PRECISE "DOMINANT HEMISPHERE?
    4.similarly the artistic it RIGHT BRAIN in specific or the NON DOMINANT HEMISPHERE..."?

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    We have the word sinister because of the archaic belief that left-handedness is evil.

    Main Entry: sin·is·ter Pronunciation: \ˈsi-nəs-tər, archaic sə-ˈnis-\ Function: adjective Etymology: Middle English sinistre, from Anglo-French senestre on the left, from Latin sinistr-, sinister on the left side, unlucky, inauspicious Date: 15th century

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