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Thread: How often to you fall ?????

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    I fell out of the bed just a few weeks ago. I don't wake well in the mornings. In fact I hate mornings. So I moved my alarm clock over to my dresser thinking that I would have to get in my chair to turn it off. Then I would be awake and already up. Good plan until my alarm went off. I thought I could put one hand in the floor and balance and Reeeaaaach over there to hit snooze with the other. Just one more inch. Well of course I couldn't reach and my legs don't do what I say so flump I 'm in the floor. Stupid me I hit snooze anyway and drug myself back up in the bed.
    Now I sleep with the grabber by my bed and hit snooze with that.

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    5 times in the last 32 years.....last one in March of this year....reaching for something on my arm slip off the side of something....reach for something to grap....course it was my joysick on electric chair....chair went backwards I went leg got pinched....and hit my thiegh and broke my femur just above the knee....them forward falls always have scared only second fall forwards tho...sideways and backwards are the easy ones....trama team put a rod in my May ready to go lucky my bones were in good enough shape after 32 years for that kind of surgery.....doc was surprised to....told him I drink 3 glasses of milk evey day.....he said good thing you did.

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    i fall all the time. its' really inevitable. i broke my leg and nose in the same fall already but other than that(thank god)i haven't had major injuries

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    I fall out pretty often, the most spectacular was a few years ago now. My dog was pulling me and it had just started to rain, so we were going fast back to the house. Well we got going really fast (probably 25 MPH) and I just could not steer, the water was on the rims and it was like my hand was hydroplaning on the wheel. I went down into the ditch, the front of the chair hit and I was launched forward out of the chair. I can tell you I really flew through the air, landed and slid for a ways in the wet grass. I was not injured at all and had a good laugh. After checking myself over all I had were a few scratches from the slide.

    I have fallen off the lawn mower, and my horse. I fell through the ice with my chair once, that sucked. Out of them all I only have a small scar on my left butt cheek from falling while getting out of the car, many years ago now.

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    I went down a curb cut wrong once and had one of my wheels go back up the other side which slowly knocked me onto the asphalt in the middle of summer time in Phoenix and ended up with a couple of bad burns on my arm and my thumb, but other than that, I haven't hurt myself falling except for one time when I went over backwards and hit my head on a hard tile floor. That kind of knocked me silly but nothing major. Other than that, I've fallen over in my chair a few times and been stuck having to use my emergency call button to get someone to help me. It's a good thing I had that thing when that happened or I would've been hanging off the side of my chair for hours.
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    Way more often than I kept count of and once real scary and bad and a few where I "helped" someone else fall down...but I GOTTA go watch a I'll return and wipe and replace this with some stuff I guarrantee you will be good stuff.

    OK, I'm in the middle of "Brick", which is the kind of movie you need to take an intermission from and the middle will do.

    Bad fall story: there is a bridge over Hwy. 50, just down the block from where I live and coming down the far side of it is a long drop managed by two long, steep ramps. I'd done a wheelie down the second, longer ramp a few times and this particular twilight saw no reason to chicken out and not do one again. It turned out to be a bad plan; I lost the wheelie near the bottom and my footplate hit a bump and dumped me out of the chair at considerable speed. I got pretty torn up with road rash from the spill and unknowingly bruised my ass getting back in the chair. A few weeks down the pike I had a bad pressure sore that put me in hospital for a long time with flap surgery and recovery.

    Then way back in my rehab days at the Rusk Institute I was playing a game with a quad pal of mine one night who was stuck on a wheeled gurney where I'd push him from the back of the gurney and then wheeled fast enough to catch up and push again and again and so on. He got up some good speed a few times before I just couldn't catch up worth a damm so let him go until his gurney ran into a wall or some parked chairs in the hall or whatever. "Whatever" turned out to be a rather frail looking little old lady once when, just as I let him go with my last push and he shot away, this little lady came into our hallway from around the corner of another just twenty feet from the front of his gurney and right in its path. There was nothing either of us could do and I was gritting my teeth and mentally crossing my fingers, waiting for the impact to mow her down. She did go down but got up on her own right away apparently not hurt very bad - or at least not letting on. My pal and I both apologised profusely and saw her walk away without any apparent damage. Wheew!
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    I don't have a w/c to fall out of, but I crash and burn on a regular basis. Between lack of balance and cane hitting something slippery, being a natural klutz, I have'nt got a chance.

    *(Darrel, I fixed my spelling. )
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    Quote Originally Posted by smokymtn memories
    I don't have a w/c to fall out of, but I crash and burn on a regular basis. Between lack of balance and cane hitting something slippery, being a natural clutz, I have'nt got a chance.
    what is a klutz???

    Juke, I liked the one with the old lady..had me grinning pretty good...even said oh s**t!

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    I've fell once in 6 years. When I hit the floor I laughed and my dog came to greet me thinking it was play time. It was a couple years after my accident and I remember thinking... get up and walk. I felt pretty helpless after the laughter was gone. So, I got back in my chair and had another beer. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Art454
    5 times in the last 32 years.....

    You must be pretty careful..........I'd fallen out 5 times before I left rehab.

    I reckon I average once a month. Last time was Thursday......flipped backwards going up the kerb into my office...turtled on my back in the rain.

    In three years I have:

    • Shot down a ramp and straight up another into the back of an ambulance, got halfway, flipped backwards.
    • Tried to pop a wheelie over a gutter onto grass, mistimed, pitched out face first.
    • Broken my ankle slipping out of chair forwards after inducing a spasm to stretch my leg.
    • Spent three hours tipped back and upside down with the dog licking my face after stretching and falling out backwards when home (almost) alone.
    • Span chair and fell out in busy shopping street, busting my nose.
    • Fallen out twice on the same night, drunk. Outside a casino at 5am
    • Careered down a ramp in the parking garage, hit a $300,000 Aston Martin, fell out next to it.
    • Fell out at the feet of a startled lapdancer.
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