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Thread: How often to you fall ?????

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    How often to you fall ?????

    I hope this isn't a dumb question, but how often do you accidentally fall out of your chair? Has anyone been seriously injured from falling out of their chair? Has anyone fallen, or maybe I should say " slid " out or off of something else.

    I finally fell out of my recliner yesterday. I knew it would happen sooner or later, the way is rocks forward. I hopped in and went to move my chair back, next thing I knew I slid right out, and down to the floor. All I could do was laugh, then try and get back up.

    Just wanting to know if anyone else has had SCARY falls, or maybe some funny ones that they may want to share.

    Not that there is anything funny about falling out of a wheelchair, but you know what I mean.

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    I haven't fallen lately, but I also can't count the number of times I fell out of my chair.
    Two funny times I can remember. I was rolling down the sidewalk leaning over and steering with the front caster (yeah I know, not smart). Anyway, I went to steer into the road at a driveway cut and misjudged the turning and my left caster hit the curb and I landed in the road about 10 ft from my chair. Luckily, no traffic and no one saw.
    The second, a friend and I were goofing around in the hallway and he was trying to get around me by running by real fast. I reached out and grabbed him. Unfortunately, his momentum took me to the floor. Just at that time, a couple of girls came around the all they saw was Clark pulling me out of my chair. I let them believe what they thought they saw.
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    I remember once trying to transfer into my chair on sheer ice. This was before I got a van, so the chair was sliding around like crazy, but I convinced myself that I could do it. thing I know I hear the ominous "clink" noise of the transfer board sliding off the wc seat and the gap between myself and the chair growing ever so slowly. It felt like some sort of slow motion film, where you already know what is about to happen, but because it is happening so slowly your brain trys to convince you that you can somehow still pull it off. Gravity won (damn that gravity!) and down I went. I fell out of my car once when someone without thinking pulled the door that I was leaning against open. Not pretty. I wasn't hurt in either of those though. My last fall was about a year and a half ago and resulted in a fractured ankle. I am so much more careful now, as that was pretty dreadful with the swelling, discoloration, and having a foot that looked like a football for a couple of weeks.

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    forward i can live with. it's going backwards that hurts . use to see that commercial when the lady was on the floor that had fallen and saying i fallen and can't get up , i feel here pain now.
    oh well

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    often enough.

    probably 6 or so times so far this year... never anything serious.

    worst was going down my driveway (semi-steep), planted one of my casters into a big stick, stopped the chair but not me. i scraped my knees & my forehead. asphalt = not soft.


    hotel bathroom, leaning forward to grab a washcloth, leaned too far, COG shifted enough to get my rear wheels off the ground.

    friend's house, needed help up an 8" or so curb, wheelied up it, friend lifted the rear a little too far, dumped me out. that was funny.

    etc etc. you learn to deal with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenf
    forward i can live with. it's going backwards that hurts .
    actually I agree with this... backwards is definitely more painful for me. I went over backwards once onto a concrete floor & gave myself a minor concussion. It happened so fast that I didn't have time to react and think to lean forward.

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    I have never fallen out of my chair but my dog has came close to tipping me and pulling me out of an incomplete I can stand and walk short distances and that is when I do all of my falls.. I have got tripped up in my cane, I have fallen down short set of steps due to my foot drop, I have bad balance and must have my cane in hand or lots of things to reach out to grab...the funniest time would have to be last forth of July 4th week end.. friends got my out in the country drinking beer and I had told them if I fall, just leave me be and let me get up on my own.(pride issue) well later that night I fell out of the lawn chair and spent 20min. trying to get up when a friend came over and asked if I was ready for help? I accepted and he helped me upand asked if I was okay then the prick pushed me back down and all I could do was sit there and laugh..(he did help me back up)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenf
    forward i can live with. it's going backwards that hurts . use to see that commercial when the lady was on the floor that had fallen and saying i fallen and can't get up , i feel here pain now.
    wanted to call Dominoes pizza and tell them to hurry because I have fallen and can't get up..I think it had to do with one of their commercials..

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    Fell out when I was puking on my 21st bday, that was interesting...wish I would of had a video camera to see how I managed to get back in my chair...Fell out rolling down the road at 3am from a friends house, reached down to open my leg bag, and out I went...Been flipped over many times by people at this country bar, and by friends...Plus flipped out more times than I could ever remember, plus many more to come...
    T8/9 (2-24-06)

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    There's some good stories popping up here. My one yesterday, I could only laugh. I have had a few scary ones, not only with my wheelchair, but I also have a power scooter. So you know what that means when you can add a little more speed to your life!

    Zooming across the yard, hit a hole and the scooter suddenly stops, I'm flying forward and the only thing I can think of is " tuck and role "

    Same scooter, trying to get up on the patio and the front wheels won't pop up. What do I do, turn the speed control knob to fast, next thing I know I'm looking at the clouds in the sky.

    Fell several times transferring out of the shower, I've learned to dry things off more throughly, it helps.

    My scariest one was in the scooter pulling out the sprinkler hose. Pulled out the hose, and went back to turn the water on. Backing up on the patio to the faucet, left rear rolls off the patio, and I feel the chair going back. It was in slow motion, and I didn't know if it was going straight back, or onto its side. After it landed on it's side, I couldn't get my feet out, I was stuck. I yelled for my wife, no response ( cell phone was inside on the counter, just got home from work and emptied my pockets). The scary part was over, now for the funny part. The only thing I could think of to do was pull the sprinkler hose in, and swing the sprinkler against the house. It wasn't easy because I was about 10 feet away from the house. After about 2 or 3 minutes she came to the door and freaked out. Everything was alright, no damage.

    Two things I learned from that was #1 always have your cell phone with you, and second for me, try and stay away from the scooter!!!!

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