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Thread: See more steps of my 7 years old hero

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    See more steps of my 7 years old hero

    Here is a new movie made last week, 1 year and 4 months after the accident that gave him a ASIA A C7/9 injury (diagnosed 2 months after the accident; in my opinion he is now between ASIA B and C, more C, L2/3).
    The movie depicts his first solo walk with the walker (which does not have brakes, reason for which I must hold it to brake it, but the pushing he did by himself), which makes him walk much slower and hesitantly than what he usually does when we pull the walker in front of him.
    In the movie there is also his first solo standing up, with me just pulling the walker forward.
    What does everybody think?

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    making wonderfull progress

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    Love it

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    What a cutie! He is my hero too.

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    Thanks for sharing. Your son looks wonderful.

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    What a blessing! Your son is doing wonderful.

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    great job

    looks wonderful. keep on keepin on

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