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Thread: one month later and here we go again

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    one month later and here we go again

    well today is visit to pain dr. He had upped the OPana ER last friday and my ears have been screaming terrible . Cant handle that so Opana er is no more . . I take Tramadol 100 mg anyway , I was going to ask about the Ultram ER . tramadol extended release . What do yall think ?
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    sorry you have to go off,was it working at all for your pain?i have been contemplating a switch from the oxycontin i have been on for four years TO the opana.i just really need a big change in my base med.the OC just isn't really covering my pain anymore like it used i have been getting new pain or exascerbations of the old crap.

    i just wanted to know how it worked for your pain and any side effects you have been having besides what appears to be ringing in your ears?i am still waiting for them to come out with the long acting form of dilaudid that wont kill you if you happen to have to take nyquil.if you could just give me the highlights of your experience it would be MOST appreciated.what did you convert from,and onto the opana?thanks.marcia

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