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    ADL Programs

    I am C4-6 Quad living with attendant care and living close to parents. I am considering moving 6 hours away from home next semester with attendant care; however the attendant care has not been very reliable here so my parents want me to attend an ADL training course for cathing, bowel care, and dressing. I'm looking at TIRR in Houston, Craig, and Baylor Medical Center in Dallas (I'm moving to Dallas so Baylor is my preference if it is knowledgable/reliable). Has anyone attended these or at least heard about them? I am awaiting phone calls back from them and thought I would ask here as well.

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    I am biased because I work at one of the facilities you mentioned. As far as I know, they all have good SCI inpatient and outpatient programs. Did you want to go as inpatient or outpatient? This could be considered a stage 2 rehab admission for further teaching etc..if you have more issues/needs.
    I recently toured Shepherd in Atlanta and was quite impressed with their facilities and especially the housing they had across the street.
    I am sure others from the list will answer you soon.


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    I used Baylor for outpatient therapy, I wish I had done my original inpatient rehab with them.

    I would highly recommend them. They have very good therapists and taught me way more than my original place.

    My emphasis was on physical therapy and mobility type ADLs, transfers and such. So I can't relate firsthand about B&B training but would believe that the same level of knowledge would be there also.

    Baylor has one building(it's a huge complex) dedicated to rehab called BIR, Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation BIR and it is Dallas' premiere rehab site. My sci Doc is the head of rehab/research at UTSouthwestern and even he admitted that currently Baylor has better rehab facilites than them(but they are growing quickly).

    Let me know if you have any other Q's.

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    I was spent 8 weeks in Baylor Hospital after my accident, but can't comment on their rehab facility from personal experience. Since all of my family is in the Cincinnati area, they flew me back to Ohio when I was released to rehab. However, I have heard nothing but good things about Baylor's rehab, even before my accident when I was living in Dallas.

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