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Thread: hill holders

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    hill holders

    Anyone need some? I have a used set that I am tired of looking at in my box of junk.

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    i don't really understand how those work. i've seen em on ebay a few times. do they work like regular brakes or are they just for keepin ya from rollin back?

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    You can push forward while they are on but they won't let you roll back.

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    I had them in WV. I wore them out. I still have one on my right side. Don't need them to much in FL

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    okay....guess they'd help a quad goin up ramps a good bit.

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    Actualy, they add so much friction that i have a hard time even pusing, i mainly use mine for going down hills

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    Can you set them back a little? They shouldn't have that much friction should they?

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    Boy, you have to be careful with these...we call them thumb smashers where I work. They will help will up least the rolling back part, but you still have to be strong enough to get the forward motion needed up the hill.


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    I live in the mountains of western NC and need them. What are you asking for them?

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    Anyone on here have a pic of their hillholders on their chair?

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