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Thread: artificial limb

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    artificial limb

    this is kedar..i m 25yrs old...i m from nasik maharashtra india

    i m a graphic designer now working with the software base company

    2 years ago when the mumbai train bomb blast happened that time i was travelling with the same train...
    After the 2 days when i awake in the hospital i seem evevryhing is ok but when i tried to push my self i just shock when my

    right leg was cutted with below the knees...that time my orthopedic surrgen has suggest me about the artificial limbs...he

    told me i can walk normally with these limbs..

    now after 2 yrs i m using the same limb but its not so effective which satisfaction i m looking...i cant travel so far...i can ride

    my bike but when i trying to travel with train or walking some long distance its so paining...

    i know its not so costly...the price of that limb is (10000rs.)

    i can spend more money but i didnt found any good option

    my cell no is 91+ 9922624730 (india)
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    Hi Kedar ..... I am moving your thread to the Care forum where you might get more response !

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    artificial limb

    this is kedar.....i m from india

    i m 25 yrs old

    i got the amputaion for right these days i m using artificial leg but i m not satisfied with this i m looking for better option

    i can spend more money if the any better option found me

    so plz suggest me how could i get the better option[/quote]

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    You might try looking at a website for amputees. They would have more suggestions for people who have had an amputation.

    If you are looking for a more energy efficient method to get around- it might be a wheelchair. However, I am not sure how high up your amputation was and given your age, there are probably many different options for artifical limbs.

    Unfortunately, I am not an expert on amputations- however I will try to find someone who can give you some websites that may help.


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    artificial limb


    its my pleasure to meet u

    yea thats right i m looking some amputees websites..which will be more useful to me.

    below knees i have a amputation and now i can walk with artificial limb..the problem is what its too heavy i m looking some loose waighted limb

    thx for the replay me

    bye take care

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