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Thread: ATTN: C5/C6 quads

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    am i the only one here now who feels like a dolt? getting up ramps? transferring inependently? ya, in my dreams... man, you got it good

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    I would sit at the bottom of a ramp forever waiting to get up without the power chair. I can transfer as long as everything is pretty much exactly the same height. In my van I have the seat on the long track that swivels, tilts, and is height adjustable. I keep it exactly at the height of my wheelchair seat. I can go down the transfer board onto a lower surface, but I am not dumb enough to do it because I know I would never be able to get back up again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mimin
    am i the only one here now who feels like a dolt? getting up ramps? transferring inependently? ya, in my dreams... man, you got it good
    my transfers = flops, and most ramps i won't even try
    "All of us are all too stuck strapped to a chair watching our lives blow up..."

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    So I've decided that for the time being, it would be best to just wait and see how much I recover in the next year or so. Since I'm going to be back at Craig for a re-eval in February, I might as well wait and do a consultation with Dr. Hamlin (hand surgeon) while I'm out there.
    The main thing I would really hoping to gain from the surgery would be a functional tendonesis (sp) grip, so I might as well keep trying to improve strength in what little muscle movement I do have in my wrists.
    Thanks for the input guys, really helps to have some input from people who've gone through the same thing I am
    "All of us are all too stuck strapped to a chair watching our lives blow up..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbinny
    my transfers = flops, and most ramps i won't even try
    transfers - practice over & over, use a transfer board, and they'll get easier. it sounds like you just haven't found your center of gravity.

    ramps - they're everywhere & unavoidable unless you never leave the house. use your anti-tippers & just do it. don't be ashamed to ask for help if you need it, but at least TRY them.

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    jbinny, I recently looked into getting the surgery. I'm 6 years post. I'm c5 injury but as time passed, I'm more like a c7 function. My left side has wrist flex/extend, tricep. This all came back over time by doing little things, typing, picking up small things over and over, etc.. With the tenodisis I can pick up many things. I just figured out how to use regular silverware recently. My right side has wrist flexion and very weak extension. My tricep fires but is very weak. My right was the stronger hand at first. I hurt my right hand and had to use the left all of the time. By the time my hand healed the left one was stronger. I can cath, get dressed/undressed, prepare food for myself, (I'm not talking making a huge dinner, simple stuff), get stuff out of the fridge etc. This all came with time.

    The doctor thinks I can benefit from the surgery on the left hand. It sounds like I have a little more function on the right than you do and the doctor said he's not sure if messing with the right is worth it for me. I was hoping it would get stronger if I start using it more while the left one is in a cast.

    I'm not crazy about the downtime, 6 weeks in a cast, 4-6 weeks therapy. Some of my family members feel I need to do this asap. I can't decide. As frustrating as it is, I would wait.

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    If you want to use tenodesis, don't let them put botox in your hand/arm. They did it to me once, then my hand was useless for 10 weeks. I decided I'd rather have a claw I can use than a pretty hand that was only for decoration.

    You're lucky to get to go to Craig for re-eval. I guess TIRR doesn't offer that.

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    Until recently I was considered myself lucky since my hands never really atrophied... I guess some of it had to do with stretching at least twice a day. I'm hoping they start to a bit so I can have a little more function
    "All of us are all too stuck strapped to a chair watching our lives blow up..."

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    I am C3 incomplete - right side functions (or doesn't function is more accurate) at C4 and left side at C6 with some wrist and tricep but no fingers/thumb. I had a tendon transfer on my left wrist in March of this year at Toronto Western Hospital. It was a great decision because most of the ways people told me to adapt my weak grip involved using 2 hands and I only have 1 arm that works. My surgery involved only a weekend stay in hospital, a cast for 1 week and then a hard brace for 1 month and a total of 10 weeks of outpatient therapy twice a week. My hand grip is very strong and I can do all kinds of things I couldn't before - I use 3 hours/day of attendant care now instead of 5. It is a big decision though - especially for me because I was worried about messing up my only sort of working arm. I would wait until you are 3 years+ post and then give it some serious thought. I read the posts here by Chris and Jeff before deciding and talked to 2 people in person who had the same surgery.

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    Get some therabands and tie them where you can use them often. I have the starter set (yellow, red, green) tied to the side rails of my bed. Get the tubes they don't rip. Cut each color section in half for both arms. I use the assist attachment devise for handles. Stays on my hands better with no function. has sets for reasonable/ free shipping.

    I work out 3 hours/3 days a week, usually from 5 am to 8 am. Do lots of sets. Pull on them in every direction you can attempt. Try using your wrists. You will get stronger. I am gaining a lot of strength and most importantly muscle balance and coordination.
    Good luck.

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