First off, I'm starting this thread because I'm at a point where I need to decide whether or not to go forward with a tendon transfer surgery. The way the therapist and Dr. I talked to at Craig Hospital made it sound, the procedure could potentially give me the equivalent of nearly full wrist extensors.
Right now I'm nearly one half years post and I do have trace extensors, and at this point it seems that's about all it will amount to. I'm really wanting to do this so I can start doing more on my own (driving, cathing, preparing meals, and pick up my own house for once).
I guess I should get to the point... how many quads functioning at a C5/C6 level are able to go throughout a day and function completely independently? fuentejps is really the only one I know of at this point. I know quartermile transfers and drives on his own (my main goal), but I was curious who else out there is mostly independent.