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    Hey, does anyone know where I'd get free brochures about SCI and other related material for a "Health Fair" type event that we are planning to hold in our town?
    Debby, Troy's mom
    Debby, Troy's mom

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    I don't know if it would be some kind of copy right thing involved but there is loads of info at the front of this web sight and at the front of Apparellyzed that is very informative I'm sure if you ask some one would say ya or na...

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    Contact the following organizations. It depends on what you want and how many if you can get them for free or not, and may have to pay shipping. You may be able to download some PDFs and print your own at Kinko's:


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    We have brochures available at our facility here in Texas. Call or email us for more information. Here is the website

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