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Thread: face forward reverse seating chair

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    face forward reverse seating chair

    anyone know of a reverse type chair that would act like a incline table with a massage like head support? i have noticed that when i sit down at night in my relax the back perfect chair, my neuropathic pain takes off incredible. during the day i can keep the pain at bay even though i am pretty active riding a recumbent bicycle. so to see if its positional i need to find something i can lie face forward/down n but still type and use the computer screen, take the bend out of the lumbar. i move around pretty much AB , getting into its not a problem

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    Are you asking for a computer chair that would allow you to use your computer prone (on your stomach)? I am not aware of one. You could possibly use a chair like this instead:

    Have you tried a kneeling chair? Lots of people like these and find they have less back pain. I have seen some custom systems that would allow you to modify a prone gurney. We also have a laptop stand we had custom made that allows you to use a laptop from a flat supine position which we use for our clients on total bedrest.


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    i may have to try a kneel chair, i was thinking this neuropathic pain in my foot was somehow positional due to this seating position
    but now i see my toes that are burning are all red....flushed RSD.. CRPS pain . i took my evening dose at 8pm of 25 mg of desiprmaine, 4 mg of gabitril and than had to take 1 than a second 50 mg 930pm , and still not much relief 2 hours latter..pain seems to come when i stop moving and sit . i think during the day the endorphins really kick in.

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    this looks like a pretty cool site with tons of options. I haven't had the chance to look through things. But, I am eager to. I would love to find an alternative to my wheelchair as permanent seating option. Don't get me wrong, it is way more comfortable than any seat in my house. But, it's be nice to find something else to get out of this chair from time to time.

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