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    Pain & Finger spasticity

    I am back from a self-imposed sabbatical. I went with my family 'cross the pond for a 1-mong long visit to Sweden from mid-Sep-Oct. While there, I began noticing my fingers curning into fists, the left tighter than right. I have resting splints but once off, my fingers snap shut. I am still in constant pain and sodepressed, I rarely get out anymore. Since I've been home, I've done nothing . I feel nothing inside.
    I sure hope everybody here is better.

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    I don't know much about your injury but you must know to stretch your hands/fingers on top of wearing your brace...I am a c6 incomplete and have to streach mine at least 10 times a day if some one was to watch me and count , they would see me doing this all day, just not quite as noticableat times as others..I some times will work my fingers straight and place my hand flat on a table and aply pressure till my hand is at a 90 degree to my forarm I will hold this position for about 10 min. this I do at least 3 times a day...this streatches the tendons in the forearm that is causing your fingers to hurts at first but if you stay on top of it it does get easier...

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    darrel is old is your injury micha?is it fairly new?this also happened to me while i was still in acute rehab post therepist made me whats called a lumbical brace to wear.this allowed the main part of my fingers to be 'braced' but allowed movement of the fingers to keep them excercised and prevented my entire fingers on that hand from curling and was starting to look really nasty there for a while.i wore that brace for many many months til i regained better strength and control.i still have a curled forefinger but nowhere near what it looked like at the beginning.i took a big hit to the fine motor in my left hand and i never thoguht it would even get back anything close to what i had before the damage but it looks pretty good.are you currently working with a therepist doing PT on your hand?there are lots of different excercises you can be doing,like darrel described,just to get back some of what got does help.i also found out that typing really really also helps keep me dexterity first i had to actually take my right hand and manually place my left fingers on the keys,but after a while,it got easier and i can do it now all with my left hand.still have some problems as you can see by my typing,but i do get my words across.Marcia

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    My injury is exactly 2 years old as of 10/27. I'm classified as C4 incomplete, though I function lower than C4. No vent, full sensation, standing with help, etc. With all this said, however, I do need help with most ADL. My LFT hand used to be more functional - then my pain meter got turned up and my fingers are clenched. I had PT and OT - must wait my new 6 weeks next year. I have a resting "c" splint I sleep with which stretches my falanges but as soon as it's off, they curl. I always stretch againts my legs, or whatever but thet snap back.
    I sweat constantly, have found no skin problems, UTIs, etc... only AMPED up pain. I can't deal with this.

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    what kind of oral meds have you tried for the spastisity? have you discussed all your options with your Dr.? I ask this because you have not said what type of meds that you are on or have tried .. you are being very vague on this..I can't say that I would try alternative drugs but have you given it a try? all it ever did for me was make me tired and hungry but I have read that it helps some ppl..

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    Sorry, not trying to be vague, only tired.
    My medicine includes: Zanaflex, Baclofen, Effexor, Elavil, DDAVP, Methadone, Oxycodone Hydrochloride Instant Release 15, Vitamen, Fiber-Con.
    Nothing elusive nor exciting. I don't want a pump. I had a trial and the docs say it may pose problems with transfers (the bulge {even pediatric pump}) and frequent refills. I see my Dr tomorrow but I usually like to have some ideas prepared. Thanks.

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    I also get such severe (8.5++) stinging pains in both my legs. I've had man 'o war wrapped around both legs pre-SCI; this feels worse. I don't lapse into unconcioussness with the neuropain, though (Many times, I'd relish the relief). I'm already on Methadone 60mg/day and OxyIR 15 prn. What else can be done? I've been on so much already. Anti-depressants, Neurontin, Lyrica, Topamax, etc, etc..
    The Fentora + Duragesic helped the best, but insurance denied every one of my appeals. Soulless Bastards.
    What can I DO??

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    the zanaflex and baclofen should do you may want to up your dosage on the baclofen and maybe see about a valuim 5mg at bed to help .. I ended up being maxed out on my baclofenand requisted to try some thing else my Dr. took me off of the baclofen and put me on dantroleneit is an older drug but it did not make me as drowsy and it did help with the spasms.. I tryed the botox shots but was not impressed with them..that is something you would have to experiment with your Dr. and be sure that he/she knows what muscles to hit..I know you are tired of hearing this but it is nessasary that you do your stretching..

    I just heard the dinner yell, so I am going to go eat while it is hot... good luck,darrel

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    I am kinda wondering what in the heck suddenly caused this curling to just start like that so long post injury?i know mine was there pretty quickly post injury.have you had this 'sudden' change in your condition evaluated?it just seems kind of odd to me this far out to just happen like it did.did you feel any other changes overall when this started up?what type of doc is overseeing your care?

    i know with my SCI,nothing is really 'static' but in kind of constant flux,with little wierd changes going on,like pains turning into sensations or the other way around,but what you are having just seems more in depth,you know what i mean?have you had a recent MRI just to look for any real changes at your injury site or some other strange thing actually occuring around it somewhere?just a your constant sweating from pain or from possible SNS damage?Marcia

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