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Thread: life has changed

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    life has changed

    My life has changed so much in just 6 weeks , my DR.'s told me it was OK to go back to smoking my cigars , and that got me off of my OXYGEN for good , I've never felt this good in years . I want to tell everyone I'm sorry for things I have said in the Past . I feel like a new person now , I think smoking has calmed my nerves and I go outside to smoke so I get fresh air , evryone in my life since we moved have seen a big difference they all said 6 weeks ago I looked like I was going to die at anytime , then it was like a miracle , my blood presure has never been as good as it is now , I have all kinds of energy now like I never had before , The DR told my wife I probably only have 10 year left to live so I might as well enjoy them ,it's like these cigars have calmed me down I still take 19 medications a day but I have no more Depression at all , I want to go and be strong and watch my grandchildren grow . again all I really want to say is again I'm very sorry for anyone I have hurt with words I never should have written so all's I want is a 2nd chance , thanks ; LBUSH49

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    Glad that you're doing well Larry.Everyone blows up at times.It's all good with me.
    Be yourself!!!
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    Glad to hear it Larry!
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    Thanks all

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    Sounds like you have your life back...thats great...take care, God bless...


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    the cigarette companies called; they want you to be in an ad for them

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    Great to hear Larry, Now get out and oogle all the ladies!

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    Ive been thinking about my "secret santa".... I am really glad you feel better. Welcome back!
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    Welcome back larry anty
    Be always determined in Life and Love

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    glad you're doing better, larry. right time of the year too.

    oh yea....i'm still listening to the cd ya made for us.

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