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Thread: Policy Statement: Deletions of memberships, threads, and posts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Edwards View Post
    but Bob would b/c there's no way to guarantee every instance of Bob refers to you).
    and that is something to be happy for!
    {inside joke)

    an answer for the question that hasn't been asked on this thread.
    onetime you may want to ask a question that may be too personal to associate with your l.craig persona username, It maybe something of a sexual embarrassing nature such as wondering what are all those wart like bumps on your penis are and will compound W work? i remember a army buddy asking that question coming back from korea,

    some people ask a moderator that they trust to ask the question for them,
    others make up a new user name and only use it for those type of extremely personal questions.

    i always wonder if people do the same to post some of the bigotry stuff that others have brought to light recently in a couple hot and locked discussions.
    ii know that happened in the past, too frequently. it was stopped.
    personally i think if someone is doing this they should be outed , since they are ip and other traceable stuff that come from the original post.
    i notice on a lot of the newspaper online editions, thar the there is an extreme amount of racist bigotry etc stuff posted.
    i wish someone would hack in and post the ip addresses of these internet KKK,
    sorry for the off topic hijack
    it is good to see the site is being proactive and for Wise to remind everybody that the internet is forever, there is always another way-back machine
    cauda equina

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    I just wanted to comment that the CareCure has been very accessible in China and India for the past years, since I last posted. In fact, getting onto CureCure in China is much faster than getting onto Facebook or Google. In India, it is easier to get onto CareCure than Facebook.


    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post

    We have all the necessary permissions and ability to change the posts. We can do this either with tools available to us through the website software or make the changes directly to the database.

    It is a huge amount of work to do. You have now posted over 4500 messages on this bulletin board. Many, if not most, of your messages have been responded to by multiple members who have quoted your messages in their responses and also directly responded to what you have written. So, not only do your messages have to be edited to eliminate personal references that may tell people who you are but messages by other people have to be edited. I don't think that it is feasible.

    I also want to point out, as others have, that eliminating posts from Carecure doesn't eliminate those posts from internet. Many web sites are tracking and archiving copies of old posts on vBulletin software. Because CareCure is one of the most popular websites, what is written on this site can often be found in other site and even translated. So, there is no way of erasing all references to rdf on the internet. Any person or group that is determined to find out information will be able to do so. By the way, Google is only one of hundreds of search engines. Just because Google doesn't show it doesn't mean that it has disappeared from Internet.

    Several months ago, I made the Politics Forum a forum that only members can see and read. This was because I was concerned that CareCure was being banned in China and India because of extreme statements that some members may be making, particularly in the Politics Forum. I was in India and found that I could not get to CareCure because its URL address was banned. This surprised me until I read several news articles indicating that India was banning web sites that contain inflammatory information concerning muslims. I don't know if you remember but there had been some very inflammatory and inappropriate posts about muslims in our Politics forum. So, what I did was to make the Politics a private members only forum. In other words, if somebody is not a registered member, they cannot read or even see that such a forum exists. I will be going back to India in August and will look to see if CareCure can be accessed once more.

    Last year, I found that certain cities and provinces in China banned CareCure. For example, I have had problems getting to CareCure from Xi'an and Fuzhou in the past. On my recent trip to Xi'an and Beijing, I had no trouble getting to CareCure at all. I don't know if this has anything to do with my making the politics forum private or not but it is good to know that CareCure is no longer on the banned website list for China. By the way, as I understand it, the banning of web sites in China is done at a provincial level (rather than as a country).

    By the way, I don't think that you are being paranoid. Our web site is monitored by the U.S. government. A year or two ago, Rutgers received a phone call from the U.S. Secret Service within days after somebody had posted threats concerning the president on this site (in the politics forum).


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    thank you Dr. Young

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    I am new on the site, I just signed up a few weeks back and got deleted for trolling. I don't understand why I got deleted for trolling threats looking for answers of common problems that I have. I am a C4 quadriplegic.

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    Sorry spider, our software sometimes makes mistakes. Please fill out your profile.


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    I posted other comments, but those comments would probably just fall on deaf ears, so I edited them out. Moving right
    Last edited by gjnl; 07-22-2017 at 11:42 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    I posted other comments, but those comments would probably just fall on deaf ears, so I edited them out. Moving right
    It's not a matter of your comments falling on deaf ears. Steven is the administrator who takes care of all of the programming/technical issues. In addition to being vent dependent quad, he has recently been having very bad seizures. Before the seizures started we were making plans to move the site from Rutgers to the cloud, and update the vBulletin system. That is why we are still using outdated/unsupported vBulletin software.

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    Thank you, no problem.

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    Is there any reason I can’t access certain threads in Cure forum , Jim? It says I'm not allowed

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