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Thread: Policy Statement: Deletions of memberships, threads, and posts

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    Policy Statement: Deletions of memberships, threads, and posts

    We have been getting a large number of requests from people asking for their memberships, threads, or posts to be deleted. These requests are often frivolous because people have made indiscreet posts and have second thoughts about some information that have been posted or because they are upset or angry at people's responses to them. I therefore want to state the policy of the site concerning deletions of memberships, threads, or posts.
    1. Posts belong to the site. We reserve the right to keep, display, or delete posts for any reason. Members are given 1000 hours to edit what they have posted. After that time, the material cannot be edited or changed.
    2. Members cannot change their usernames. They can change their profile, password, email address, and all other information except for their username. We do not change usernames unless there is a very important reason.
    3. We do not delete memberships of people who have posted and who have been responded to by other members. When memberships are deleted, posts by the member are changed to "guest". This makes nonsense of other people's posts and the posts cannot be tracked by username.
    4. We do not delete threads that have been responded to by other members. Deleting threads is unfair to other members and it is generally not possible to delete individual posts without making a mess of the entire thread.

    So, please, before you post anything on the site, please remember that it should be something that you intend for public. You have about 1000 hours to change your post. Please note that everything posted on public forums such as CareCure can be seen by anybody and is often archived elsewhere on internet. Also, please remember that even if we deleted a thread, post, or membership from this site, it will not eliminate the information from internet.

    Thank you.

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