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Thread: StimuLITE Supracore honeycomb cusion??

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    Quote Originally Posted by barondidit
    My wheelchair eval. dr. recmmended this cusion with my new quicky wheelchair. I havnt used it much since i got it because of pressure sores starting. Traded it out for my roho cusion fom old chair. SEEMS like a bg waste of money...(more than my roho low profile) Its not nearly as soft as the roho. Anyone had good results with that cusion??
    Haven't tried this cushion before, but I have read reviews on it and people say its good for the summer months, becuase it doesn't make your butt sweat badly. I've also read that its a bit firm for 2-3 weeks after first buying it, then the plastic softens up enough for it to be comfortable.


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    cool well been on it for three days now( gonna get a roho patch, tomorow from y local wheelchair distributer. It does seem a bit softer now. I havnt noticed any signs of breakdown starting. Gonna give it a second chance. I would say total ive sat on it 4 weeks now. Probably go back to the roho once its fixed. It makes me sit mor comfotable in my meen cell on wheels...i meen chair:
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    I have the Slimline version of the stimuLite cushion which I love. I had a Roho before this one and I always had a problem with getting holes in it since i'm constantly changing positions in the chair

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    I own Stimulites...the contoured on my everyday and basketball chairs, and the Sport on my tennis chair. Could not be happier with any of them! I had a Roho...but I was really side balance trying to transfer onto the Roho was a pain in the arse. I will never go back!
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    I am new to this sight
    But during my short stay here I have found that the information and help that you provide others is priceless
    If you provide me your address and cushion size
    I will send you one for free

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