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Thread: email shutting down

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    email shutting down

    my friend says his email shuts down when he tries to open my aide's email (I didn't send it my aide did with a web attachment)....
    he says when it highlights her name it shuts down.
    he's using Outlook.

    any suggestions?
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    mine does the same thing. Obviously there is a new patch from Microsoft that obviously didn't work, and it really makes me mad because the only thing I can really do is just read my e-mails. I don't know which update for Outlook started making it do that. I think any of the updates after the SP3 I wouldn't install.

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    yup, outlook turns into a crashing piece of garbage;;...mine did... had to reinstall office

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    Why not try the following:

    Firefox web browser & Thunderbird email client

    and while you're at it consider OpenOffice as a replacement for M$ Office. of all it's free and really works!

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