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Thread: The most bicycle friendly cities in the world

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    The most bicycle friendly cities in the world

    1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Amsterdam, a.k.a. the bike capital of the world, has 40% of all traffic movements by bicycle. They have created a bicycle friendly city that promotes a healthier, more active lifestyle for its residents. An extensive network of safe, fast and comfortable bicycle routes has been developed, the road safety of cyclists has been increased, a
    theft-prevention program was set up as well as the number of bicycle sheds increased.

    Amsterdam is undertaking an ambitious capital-improvement program that includes building a 10,000-bike parking garage at the main train station.

    Highlights: Designated street lanes and traffic signals. Bicycle safety concerns. Biking is core to its transportation infrastructure. Rent public bicycles. Underground sheds and outside racks, which hold thousands of bikes under guard. Large bicycle culture.

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    Wish we could emulate some of that here in the US.
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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