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Thread: For all you kick-a@& car enthusiast's!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdmpastx View Post
    I forgot to update this 3.5 years ago. I got my GTR and it's a blast to drive. I even got to take it on the road course with a 1500hp TT Galardo. Talk about a blast. I may sell it to buy a new one soon or send it to AMS to make it an alpha omega 1500hp beast. Here are some pics...

    Wow - beautiful ride! Um ... 1500hp?? Insane!

    My Jeep STR8 has a (wimpy by comparison) 525hp (thanks to CAI) and weighs twice as much. There's always room for more power but I can't even imagine 1500 on a GTR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbinny View Post
    i'd still take an evo 9 mr w/ 50k to play with over any of those...
    still, badass rides

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    i wouldnt mind a g35 or sc300 i need to get a car its been 2 years with out i miss the scene

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