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Thread: Looking for an FES bike

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    Help to find FES bike

    I'm in search of a new or used FES bike for my friend. He was treated at The Craig Institute in Denver & loved being on their machine. The one they used was from RTI which is $15,000 new. I've started to raise the money but am wondering now, if I can't get the $15,000, what our other options are. To this point, the insurance is not willing to help. Any ideas? Thank You.

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    Looking for an FES bike

    Hello - I'm looking to purchase an FES machine for a friend who was injured in a recent auto accident. He had access to one while at Craig Institute in Denver. We're trying to raise the $15k to purchase one but might need to consider other alternatives (buying used.) Looking for information to help. Thank you.

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    Call 1-800-609-9166. Ask for Judy Kline. This is directly to restorative therapies that sells them. They usually have used ones that will sell for a few thousand cheaper.. still expensive, but better than 15K.

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    Try this link out
    They have an FES system and a bike
    The may be able to get you a used system


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