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Thread: Thanks for the help

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    Thanks for the help

    This is amazing, where do I start, I never won a contest before. I submitted videos into competitions since 2005. This is the first out of many and I'm in others so I hope you keep fighting with me to bring awareness on life challenges we face. We Won, not I but us, I can't do anything without your help, I love you all, this is my first win in my message through video. Check out the website link below, all of your help in voting as much as possible broke obstacles. Please share this because many of you had your friends help. Please continue to be my comrades, we have proven, unity works.

    God bless you all

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    Many Congratulations, Richard!!!

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    Be yourself!!!
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    Congrats richard your the best anty
    Be always determined in Life and Love

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    We love ya and you definately deserve it......
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    All i can say whow.congrats well deserved

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