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Thread: Please pray

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    so sorry to hear. i hope it goes away again. more and more women are choosing double mastectomies after a breast cancer diagnosis. i know i would. my best hopes and wishes go out to her.

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    Of course Anty ..... healing light and prayers ....

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    So sorry Ante. HUGS n PRAYERS!!!
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    Anty, we will keep her and all the family in our thoughts and prayers. Let us know any more updates please.


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    UPDATE. She is going to have her breast removed and chemo after they are going to do a special test to see if she should have her ovaries removed also. They don't know what stage her cancer is in yet.Thank god she had her kids when she was young. She is only 36 now her kids are 16, 12, 9. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers i will keep everyone updated. anty
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    Prayer is the best blessing and we will add her in ours.

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    I have you in my prayers.

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    Thanks for the update Anty.

    There is always hope with the many new treatments they have now. I don't know if you have seen any of the new advertisements for CancerCenter Treatments of America but I saw one which made me feel more hopeful. The words on it .. the doctor said "I don't recall ever seeing an expiration date on them.(tests)". Hope is what is needed in any health issue we meet. May she have that and the spirit to fight it always, Anty.

    Will keep her in our thoughts and prayers for success in this fight.


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    any update anty?

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    Surgery this week when they open her we will know more. We know it spread to her lymph notes. She might have her ovaries removed also. Thank you for your prayers. anty
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