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Thread: Duragesic vs Mylan generic Fentanyl patches

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    mylan fentanyl

    I have been using this patch for many months and it is the only patch that I would use. It does the job - does not wash off in the shower and does not irritate my skin.

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    Question generic patches

    I have been using Fentanyl patch, in various brands, for many years. Lately all I can get are the Mylan brand. While they do seem to stay on better, I received an overdose once when taking a bath. Now I can only take a bath when it's time to change my patch. I use 100 mg/48 hrs, so I am maxed out on dosage. I also don't feel it relieves my pain as well as the
    Sandoz or Duragesic, but it's all the pharmacies seem to have since the scare that was in the news. Does anyone else feel they don't work as well?

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    OMG id there ever a difference: Advice Please


    I just started on the Fentanyl patch last month. I went to Walgreens and they gave me the Sandoz brand. I used that up and then went to a different pharmacy who gave me the Mylan brand. I have been in pain ever since. I called the 2 pharmacies and they said that they have never heard that one is better than the ever. Then I found this thread. Does it help what so ever to douple up on the patch. I am in agony and have no pain meds what so ever. I took my last loracet early this am. I have calls into 2 Drs but who know when they will get back to me or if they help. I am desperate, but don't want to use another patch unless it will give me some relief..... Does any one know if doubling up helps?

    Thanks so much

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    DO NOT double up, if will put much too much into your system! Keep after your doc about some sort of solution, especially if you are out of whatever you use for break through pain.
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    All generics are not created equal. If I were you, I'd trust my own experience more than what others are telling you. If the one version works, try to stick with it. You might be surprised to learn how much variance is allowed with generic drugs. Most of the time it works out fine, but problems can occur and sometimes the differences cause problems such as you have described.

    BTW, I agree with the previous poster that it's a very bad and dangerous idea to double up on your patches.

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    Duragesic, etc.

    Do NOT double up on patches, EVER! I don't know what strength you use, but it truly could kill you if you put on too much. If you are out of patches you need to get to a doctor quickly so you do no enter withdrawal. You need to find a physician you like and stick with him/her. I don't know where you live, but in Maryland there are some good ones, including Dr. Tham. I have had very good results using Mylan brand patches lately.

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    I hesitated to mention this in my post last night, but I think I'll pass it along. There was a recent case in the paper here where a husband was convicted of murdering his wife by intentionally applying multiple patches to her. This is very dangerous business. These patches are very potent medicine and must always be used with care.

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    Generic Fentanyl Patches

    Hi all:

    Thanks for your responses. Wanted to let you know how it turned out. My dr. told me to double up. He wanted me increased to 50mg and I had 25. It did nothing. So, I drove to the other side of town to p/u a script and was determined to have it filled with Sandoz brand. However, I couldnt find any pharmacy that had it. When I was calling around the different pharmacies asking what brand of Fentanyl they had, one pharmacist told me I was not allowed to have that info. lmfao... I finally found a pharmacy that had the Duragesic (name brand) in stock. I had to pay over $100.00, but I was not taking any chances. I wasn't sure Fri nite if it made a diff over the generic or not, cause I was still in pain on Fri nite and off and on Sat, Sun and yesterday. Today, so far is good. However, I am not taking any chances. If my doc writes me another script, I am going to tell him to write if for no generics.

    Does anyone know of other good support boards for trigemnial neuralgia? I am trying to find a pain management Dr. in Cinti and am having a hard time. This condition must be very rare?

    Thanks all

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    Lightbulb A Little Trick for ALL Patches

    Here's a little trick I've used successfully for ALL kinds of Fentanyl patches; buy a role of the 3M Micropore paper tape (ONLY the paper tape really works here). Then, when you change patches, put a piece of tape just slightly longer than the patch over the patch. It has no ill effect on how the patch works, and it will keep the patch securely stuck through swimming, showers, sweating, ANYTHING.

    I've been using this trick for about 5 years now, and never had a patch come lose. If you're having any issues with patches coming lose, give this a try !

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    Question How well does Watson work ?

    I've been able to get insurance to cover name brand Duragesic by having the doctor stipulate 'brand medically necessary' for several years, but for 2009 insurance is forcing us to generics (or pay the $400 difference).

    My favorite pharmacy carries Watson generics. I'd really appreciate feedback from users of Watson generics; do they work ok for you ?

    Thanks for your help !

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