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Thread: Boundary skin

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    Boundary skin

    I'm wondering if others experience this and if anyone has a way to mitigate or minimize it.
    I get area of skin at the boundary between my able and paralyzed body (I'm T7 so about sternum level) where I get this scrambled sensation of pain, itching, tickling, heat all at once. Lidocaine lotion has minimal effect.

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    Radicular, or at-level-of-injury pain is often a type of neuropathic pain that is fairly common. Often there is a hypersensitivity to any stimulation of the area called hyperalgia. TENS should be considered for this, and often the neuropathic pain meds such as Neurontin, Lyrica, Tegretol, etc. will help with it as well. Some have done well with acupuncture or desensitization therapy as well.

    T7 sensory level is at the bottom of the sternum. The top of the sternum is at about T2.


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