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Thread: Duragesic vs Mylan generic Fentanyl patches

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    Duragesic vs Mylan generic Fentanyl patches

    Can anyone tell me if they are using the Mylan brand Duragesic patch for pain relief? I have been on the brand name Duragesic patch for years then it went generic to Jansen and was almost identical to the original duragesic which I used for almost a year. Now I just found out yesterday that CVS switched manufacturers to a new generic named Mylan. I have been reading on some web sites that everyone using the Mylan brand is very dissatisfied.
    Has anyone experienced the use of this generic Mylan Fentanyl patch, and how is it working for you? Should I look into switching back right away I just applied my first dose today?
    As always Thank you everyone for your advice

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    I broke out using Generic patches! My Dr. had told me she didn't want me using generic patches anyway, said they were dangerous, How I don't know but she was very adament about using the brand name. I had a pretty good fight with my insurance company but finally won out So I am still using the Duragesic. I use a 50 microgram, Could you tell me what doasge you use?

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    The sandoz generic is made by the same company as the brand name. (here)
    that is what I have been using. I too heard a lot of issues about the mylan.
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    I get 2 types of Fentanyl patches, depending on which pharmacy I use, and I would DEFINITELY say that the Mylan patches are SO much better. When I'm at home, I get the patches with the gel inside of them, but when I'm at college I get the Mylan version. I used the first Mylan patch since last semester 2 days ago, and I actually got a bit of a high feeling from it My SCI rehab doctor told me that the Mylan version is actually better. Both work for me, but I prefer the Mylan, because it's less visible, smaller, and works better. You'll be fine with the Mylan's

    I see that you guys prefer something else over the Mylan. I guess it's just going to depend on your body. Everyone is different, so maybe you just have to try it? You could also do like duge, and fight with your insurance company to get them to let you have the kind that you want.

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    mylan did'nt quit get it

    i have be on the patch for 8 years and afte the generic mylan came out i tryed it but it did,nt work that good the second day the pain was returning so i was able to go to the sandoz and it works as go as the duragesic but now all the drug stores said they supplies only have the mylan what can i do to get the sandoz brand it gereric a

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    Sandoz Brand can be order by you Pharmacy.
    I Have been on the Sandoz Patches for 4 years, Both Patches are the same there is no differents in the two,when I got my perscription filled they only had 2 boxes in Sandos Brand and 6 boxes in Mylan I had never used the Mylan brand before so I asked the Pharmacist, he said there was no differents in the two Brands. The same Company makes both of them, Sandoz Brand is harder to say on you they don't stick as well as the (Mylan Patches do)So I tryed them because I needed them that day. I really can't explain it !!!! I felt that they were doing nothing for me,I thought because I could not see the jel like the way you can in the Sandoz patch that it was NOT taking care of my pain,but after being on them for a week a really can say they take care of the pain just as good as Sandos Brand and they stay on better.,plus they are smaller.
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    I use the Mylan patches. I have to call the pharmacies every month to make sure they have that brand, which most don't due to it not being the 'preferred' brand, but I've found a place that carries them. The Watson and the other brand I can't remember DO work, but they don't work as well as the Mylan does. I asked my Pain Specialist about this and he said it's because they might work differently when going through the pores and what not. Just have to find which works best for you and call the pharmacy(ies) ahead of time to see which they have. Some pharmacies will tell you that they can't give you that information over the phone, because of it being a Schedule II drug(I think), but if you tell them your story they'll sometimes let it slide. Hope it helps.

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    My wife has used the Mylan Patches for almost 2 years. On a couple of occasions she received the Sandoz. She prefers the Mylan and has not received any ill effects from them.

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    I have been using fentanyl patches for almost 4 yrs. When first using the generic it was the Mylan brand. Then my pharmacy switched to the Watson brand and they are twice as large. That was hard to get used to, but I did. Now I have begun aqua therapy and I usually am in the pool the time frame just before switching to a new patch (every two days). This is becoming monotonous. I would like to go when I want to but I'm afraid the patch will start coming off. I can't wear it any higher than I do (above my breast) and I can't prevent it from getting wet by just staying above water (not working). If I take it off for the hour or so I can't get it to stay back on. I was thinking about finding out which pharmacy provides the Mylan, just because it's a bit smaller and I'll try to not get it wet. Any advice? Does it still work if I submerge in the water for awhile? Thanks.......(it's been yrs since I went online for advice)

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