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Thread: Duragesic vs Mylan generic Fentanyl patches

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    I've used the Mylan brand for the past 2 years and find them more consistant. I also have fewer problems with them staying stuck on. I'm very active and the Duragesic never would stay stuck for 3 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duge View Post
    I broke out using Generic patches! My Dr. had told me she didn't want me using generic patches anyway, said they were dangerous, How I don't know but she was very adament about using the brand name. I had a pretty good fight with my insurance company but finally won out So I am still using the Duragesic. I use a 50 microgram, Could you tell me what doasge you use?
    hell-o my doctor just uped me to 75mcg,plus I take percocet for the break thru pain if your still having alot of pain talk to your doctor about uping your dose we all deal with pain in a different way,I find the patches with the gel inside to work better for me.good luck to you

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    I use the Mylan. I found no difference in effectiveness and the Mylan is much smaller and stays on better them their gel counterparts.

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    I presently use a generic 100 every 48 hrs. When I use Mylan patches the pain relief seems to lessen after 18 hrs. or so. My problem now is I had to change doctors recently, and now I can't find one who will prescribe Actiq sticks. Actiq worked great for break-through pain. I would give my right arm to find such a doctor. Anyway, the generic (made by Teva) seems to work best for me. But I do have to put a surgical dressing over it to keep it from coming off in the shower.

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    Plain and simple. I have been using the Mylan Brand for years. It is great.
    The Gel pouch on the orther brands cause problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by butterfly12 View Post
    Does anyone know where I can buy the fentanyl patch from? I will buy it from any of you if you will. Thanks!
    no one would do that. they are easy to trace, an who would risk getting in trouble and never getting proper pain control again because of it? also the patch is a thousand times more potent than morphene. not to be used without a doctor supervising. for most of us on the patch, it is the only thing that works. so its just not worth risking. If you are not used to a medication so strong, overdose is possible. and what if someone got a hold of faulty patches somehow, nd sold you them?
    If you are needing pain control, it is best to go to a pain specialist. if you are started on fentanyl, you will work your way up to a dose that is safe for you. Its been nine years of patches for me, with 1 near overdose due to a tiny scratch on my skin. an overdose of fentanyl happens faster than you would think. you nod off and forget to breathe. it is not unpleasant. it is though, certainly dead. the other side is the dependancy. it sucks. you are a prisoner to pain and fentanyl. the withdrawal is not nice, also life threataning, as potassium levals sink, and your heart is affected. truely, a monster medication if miss used.

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    I was thinking about trying patches. It seems like everyone is different in # of days they feel they work and different patches, different relief.
    Several years ago there was an article about a Dentist who put a patch on a 12yr old following dental surgery. Sadly, the child died. He slept on a heated waterbed and the medication was released too quickly. The dentist was wrong on several counts. One, it shouldn't be prescribed for post op pain, the child wasn't used to pain meds and apparently no one considered the bed. The doc rightly lost a big law suit.
    My question; could the differences be due to different body temps? A fever would use the fentanyl quicker. Someone like myself who has a normal body temp of 97.2 may use less, or feel it less? Would more release in the sun? Pondering...

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    Jody, I didn't see your post cause I type slow but I'll add the police at least in FL could be reading or even posting. There is front pg news daily about 'pain clinics'. One county (Palm Beach) now only prescribes for 72hrs. They charge by weight. If you give or sell any controlled substance the weight not strength of the drug is what would count. Over a certain weight you'd get 'trafficing'. Some tylenol 3's out of grandmas medicine cabinet can get you in more trouble then heroin.

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    If ANY way at all stay off the damm things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are NOT good and if you have to go off them the withdrawl is HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just like this is my 3rd day off lyrica only had 150 mg since sat morning. can't tell any difference yet in the pain level. it's STILL there no matter what I've used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awfuly nice of my former employer to cancel all my insurance benefits and I can't afford the med's so................ I willl just have to put up with more hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    sorry duge

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