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Thread: Need PCA in LA

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    Need PCA in LA

    Greetings - Can anyone recommend a PCA agency in the Playa del Rey area of LA? We're looking for a PCA to hire and also someone to be on call if there is an emergency, such as when a PCA cannot come at the last minute. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    I don't know of any agencies that have only PCAs. Most agencies have home health aides, but they are allowed to do very little in CA other than bathing and dressing.

    My mother lives in the South Bay and we just recently interviewed several private PCAs, and hired one, that we found by posting on Craig's List. I would recommend trying that. It is well worth the $25 fee (for a 1 month ad).


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    There are plenty of agencies out there and I will leave a list at the bottom of the email. I tried Craig's List for the first time a few months ago and I was satisfied with the results. Definitely worth the $25.

    Good luck!

    1.) FAR EAST HOME CARE - 800.945.2396
    2.) GOOD SHEPPARD HOME CARE - 310.373.8588
    3.) TRIPLE TLC HEALTHCARE - 310.271.1887
    4.) ALWAYS RIGHT - 310.316.8343
    5.) ANGEL CARE - 310.675.6767

    1). AAA ATTENDANT CARE - 800.781.9913 or 213.365.1645 (Los Angeles) *I think it's a duplicate from LCM.
    2.) ACCENT CARE - 800.834.3059 (Culver City)
    3.) ADIA - 866.686.3674 (Redondo Beach)
    4.) ALWAYS RIGHT HOME CARE - 310.316.8343 or 877.227.3616 (Torrance) *I think it's a duplicate from LCM.
    5.) APEX HOME CARE SERVICES - 877.234.2739 (Los Angeles)
    6.) CAMBRIAN HOME CARE - 562.498.1800 (Long Beach)
    7.) COLONIAL HOME CARE - 800.497.1287 (Carson)
    8.) GOOD SHEPPARD HOME CARE - 800.980.9394 (Carson) *I think it's a duplicate from LCM.
    9.) HOME CARE_GIVERS SERVICES - 800.697.2292 (Torrance)
    10.) HOME LIFE PARTNERS - 310.465.0100 (Torrance)
    11.) KELLY HOME CARE - 310.645.6389 (Culver City
    12.) OXFORD SERVICES - 310.538.5400 (Torrance)
    13.) PALOS VERDES DOMESTIC - 310.541.3853 (RPV)
    14.) PHYSICIANS CHOICE HOME HEALTH - 310.793.1616 (Torrance)
    15.) WILLIAMS & WILLIAMS - 562.597.1006 (Long Beach)
    16). TEMPSTAR HOME CARE - 310.649.5885 (Los Angeles)
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    i have to disagree with sci nurse regarding agencies. i used agencies in so. cal. several times. they helped with obtaining live-in care, including bowel/bladder care. BUT the agencies do a poor job of screening. best to place an ad in local paper (not L.A. Times!), as kld said. that's what the agencies do anyway. then charge you for their "service."

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    We are in Studio City. We have interviewed at least 100 people (no kidding) since our guy got home from Craig Hosp in Dec. of 2006 (15 months now post accident - C5/C6 incomplete). We have four caregivers in place (at the moment). One is from an agency but we have been very, VERY disappointed with agencies - they always say the person is qualified but they never are. And to find someone who does the bowel program as per Craig Hosp specifications is impossible so we have to train. Craigslist has been the best. I post in the free ad section under dosmetic gigs and household services. I have also paid for ads but the free ones work just as well. Also, is good and it's free. We are still looking for weekends and fill in. We have even looked into importing someone from another state. It is a constant struggle to find good people. What the SCI community really needs is a one stop source for clients to find qualified caregivers - who specialize in SCI and quadriplegia - a database - this would be great. This would be extremely helpful for times when you need someone to fill in for a caregiver who is sick or can't come in for some reason.

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