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    As you may remember Iam a T4-5 9 years
    post which means that I have no abdominal
    enervation and I can´t do situps or any
    exercise to trim my waist.
    Through these years I have increase fat
    around my stomach.
    And I was planning to have a Liposuction
    but my Dr.wants to know before he does it
    if he can also do a Tummy Tuc Muscle
    Plication of Abdominal Muscles,which
    means pulling the extra skin down.
    And also put in a Marlex Mesh to reinforce
    the abdomen so it wouldn´t hang so much
    He has done it many people but he does
    not know how much good would it do to
    a person that have no inervation to the
    abdominal muscles

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    E.L., I don't have enough experience with this procedure to know what to advise. Wise.

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    After a little time to think about it, I would like to recommend against this procedure for the following reasons.

    1. A marlex mesh needs some anchoring points to hold in the gut. You cannot have a marlex mesh over the entire front of your belly. It is useful for people who may have a selective opening in the abdomenal muscles (i.e. a hernia) or weakness of part of the muscles on one side. However, it is unlikely to be effective in holding in your gut.

    2. Marlex grafts, particularly big ones, have a propensity to cause infections and other problems. Any complication could be very serious.

    Please know that liposuction is not innocuous. It is associated with a very substantial loss of blood and may be associated with significant anemia. You should consider an external corset if you want to hold in your gut. Of course, it should not be too tight but it would be safer.


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    I agree with Dr. Young. So-called "quad belly" is also rarely due to excess fat, but more likely to overstretching of the paralyzed muscles. Use of an abdominal binder is a safer way to both prevent and manage this problem.


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