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Thread: What medicine do you take?

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    What medicine do you take?

    I've been taking mostly the same thing for 17 yrs.

    Darvocit for pain
    Neurotin for tingling
    Baclofen for spasm
    I take all 3 of these every 4 hrs., 6 times, day & night

    I'm getting worried about the tylenol in the darvocit
    It's at the max
    What would be a good pill to switch to w/o tylenol?
    or one better for me?

    Detrol LA for bladder 1 a day

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    I use the Fentanyl Duragesic Patches that are 75mcg per hour strength. I change them every 2 days.
    I also take Percocet 10's. They're twice as strong as the normal Percocets. I got on these because the acetamenofin in the Vicodin were hurting my stomach. It was either that acetamenofin(sp?) or tylenol, I'm not sure.
    I also take 4 100mg stool softners throughout the day, and I take 4 50mg stool softners with 8.6mg of sennosides in it at 9pm every day. That helps my BP a LOT.
    I also take a vitamin B complex, vitamin D3, and a multivitamin every day.
    I also forgot Baclofen. I take 1 20mg Baclofen tablet 3-4 times a day.

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