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    Bathroom sink

    Best bathroom sink.

    When I remodeled my 2 car garage into an accessible cabin, the best thing that I did was have this bathroom sink installed.
    The sink extends 3 inches out over the edge of the countertop making it very easy to reach. It also has a rear drain which gives more depth under the counter for chairs to roll under without bumping the drain tube. Search > Kohler K2098-1 Invitation sink
    Free Shipping
    Cost about $243.00 but worth every penny.

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    That's the one we got, it's great! We had a countertop made custom to hold it so that he can roll under easily and have plenty of room to set things down. I am really pleased with the bathroom rehab, the room is about 14x14 and the roll-in shower space is about 6x8 with no threshold. We even had a cubby built for his spare chair underneath and a TV cubby on the top that faces his bedroom. I took an antique mirror and angled it above the sink. The door between the bath and bedroom is a sliding barn door that he can slide himself and goes well with the rustic style of his bedroom and his 8 foot fireplace. Deb

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