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Thread: Get off my back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob clark
    I read somewhere here about vibrating plates (a new piece of SCI workout equipment) that SCI'd people stand on or are harnessed from above to as they bear as much weight as possible on their legs etc. I believe it's been proven to increase bone density and strength and perhaps it's also waking up dormant nerves or creating new pathways.

    Maybe the vibration and the jolting of the mower is doing the same thing for your back. Hey, anytime you want another lawn to mow I'll PM you my address!

    You're getting there Pat.

    Send him to my yard after yours....M


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    New SCI exerise equipment

    Where do you find these vibrating plates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fayeboo
    Where do you find these vibrating plates?
    Hi Fayeboo,

    I don't think they're for home use because they're so expensive. It's called "Whole Body Vibration" or WBV for short. I believe only a few SCI rehab centers have them. Here's a thread that describes them:

    If you do a Search using the word "vibrating" you should find other threads that discuss their use.

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