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Thread: This brings such a smile to my face

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    This brings such a smile to my face

    I was at wall-mart in Denver and there was a cop giving tickets out to people who parked in a handicap spot and did not have the ID that proved that they needed the spot. It was great.

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    It would bring a smile to my face, too!

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    I think I would have had to buy him a cup of coffee. Heaven knows around here it is pretty rare to see anyone actually getting ticketed for parking in HP spots.

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    I think it's fairly pathetic that watching justice deservedly being dished out makes us happy. In an ideal world, that occurence shouldn't raise any different reaction than seeing a cop on the side of the road ticketing a speeder. But hey, I'm with you, justice is justice.
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    Wow, a cop that cared. Most think it's petty.

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